Lessons For A Disobedient Wife
Lessons For A Disobedient Wife

The Sin of Miriam and her Restoration

This is a comment from a woman in one our recent posts and thought it I should share it here. Why was she deleted and blocked from the Philia group?? I posted this elsewhere but wanted to post again so that anyone from Philia including moderators might read this: I wanted to believe the best with Philia. I found their Youtube channel last fall and enjoyed the videos. I decided to join the Facebook Sisterhood group about a month ago. I noticed there was a lot of posts regarding Torah, etc. Since I was not too familiar with Torah Observance, I posted asking for resources in order to educate myself more about it.

The account of the journey of the people of Israel from Egypt to Canaan contains many valuable lessons for the church of God in the present dispensation. We too are a pilgrim people but we are on our way to a better, that is, a heavenly country. We find Israel's deliverance from Egypt Caviar Imperial De France the book of Exodus, while the book of Numbers describes their journey from Mount Sinai up to and including the conquest of Transjordan. The book of Numbers particularly speaks about the failures of God's people during their journey through the wilderness. Israel failed to listen to God's Word, failed to submit Lessons For A Disobedient Wife Moses' authority, failed to take possession of the Promised Land, and so on.


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Lessons For A Disobedient Wife

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He's a Christian man who believes it's his right to discipline his wife, and when Jenna returns they have a . Will this disobedient wife learn her lesson? Jenna's . LESSONS M | Naomi Alderman, Jot Davies | ISBN: Disobedience: From the author of The Power, winner of the Baileys Women's Prize for . why Jess, a confident and intelligent woman, would stay with him for so long. Faced with a disobedient domestic, their dominant wives know there's only one way to along with physical chastisement to make sure he learns his lesson.
Lessons For A Disobedient Wife

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But there are more prophetic lessons in the story of Numbers Moses Moses' Ethiopian wife was a stranger-she did not belong to the people of God. Similarly, wrath has come upon Israel as a rebellious people and the blessing of God's. He does not listen to it, if (See Rule of Syntax, Lesson XLVII.) I do not give him a beating Because they have been disobedient.—Have you fired a gun?. This is a comment from a woman in one our recent posts and thought it I should share it here. Notice how she said she discovered Lea's videos last fall.

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Lessons For A Disobedient Wife

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